Sunflower Topiary
Sunflower topiary aprox 24"tall
Sunflower Vase Arrangement
One dozen medium-Sunflowers & filler cobalt blue glass vase.Approx 25H x 18D
Yellow Rose & Purple Peruvian Lillies
Six yellow roses, ten long-lasting purple Peruvian lilies, Wrapped or in a glass vase for an additional $10.
Autumn Celebration
Jewel-toned floral of burnt orange roses bright blooms in deep purple, red & chartreuse. Approx 17"w x 12"h
Autumn Lights
Roses, daisy-mums & leaves around candles, Approx 13"w x 16"h
Autumn's Simple Beauty
Orange & yellow,mums,roses & candle. Approx 15" W x 19"H
Fall Mixed Wreath
Fall wreath gourds, berries, cosmos, fall leaves & assorted flowers. Approx 24"
3 Candle Centerpiece
3 candles fresh fall mix of mums, carnations, berries, leaves. Approx. 16" long. Deluxe will add roses, lillies, more mums, and will be approx. 20" long.
Amber Waves Centerpiece
Hand blown amber glass bowl with embedded grooves, candles, lillies, carns, mums & more, SALE!
Artistry Autumn Centerpiece
Leaded Glass oval bowl, gerbera daisies,fall mums & assorted flowers. SALE!
Autumn Expresso
Autumn Expresso in a cube fall flowers such as mums,carnations,leaves,austrameria & fillers
Basket of Fall Daisies
Basket of Fall daisy mums with filler & leaves the small shown.
Burst of Autumn
Colorful Fall Floral in a vase, sunflowers, lilies ,mums, carnations & roses & filler
Contemporary Enchantment
Rectangular vase of sunflowers & roses & carntions with a stylish ribbon
Doggable for Fall
Pouch in a fall basket.
Fall Fields of Europe Centerpiece
Fall mums, lillies,carnations, roses & fillers. Med.shown, Large, 2 candles.
Fall Present in a Cube
Fall Present in glass cube with a cute ribbon,Med. shown in a 5.5"cube, L & XL a larger cube with more flowers
Family Gathering
Lillies, austrameria, carnations & more.Large has 3 candles. Med.shown.
Harvest Glow Centerpiece
Lime candle with faux apples, gerberas,daisies, carnations and more, Med shown.
Vase of Fall
Fall lillies, roses, mums & filler,Med.shown